The interstitial quality of money as it travels from person to person is the point of departure for My Money, My Currency. This ongoing project chronicles my struggle and relationship with money. It also explores the ethical, political, and aesthetic questions that surround notions of agency and currency.

Although the first part of the title, “My Money,” is an oblique reference to Warhol and Walter Benjamin, this body of work is not really about reproduction or even money, per se. It is about currency—the concept of currency, what it is, and who has it. Currency implies general acceptance, prevalence and vogue, and connotes circulation or the passing of time. As such, currency is all about exchange—of ideas, ethics, culture, etc. As an artist, currency is my medium of exchange with you. My currency is painting and drawing, my mind, ideas and spirit. Money is what is there, currency is what I've added. Drawing and painting on money makes us notice its reproductive quality, as well as providing a textured view of various roles the object plays.

Painting on money also gives me some sense of power to determine— rather than be controlled by—money’s function within society. This relates to the concept of agency; it explores the extent to which we have the power to define rather than be defined by the currencies in our culture. To date, there are more than five hundred dollar drawings in existence