My work focuses on what’s “between.” The interstitial, ambiguous, complex, transitory, changing, mystic, hybrid, un-named. The spaces outside of the structures we’ve already created to define and order our world.

In order to explore between-ness, I often work with existing structures in ways that accentuate what lies beyond them. This is central to “codependent arising”—the concept that things arise and change in relationship to each other.

Structures such as categorization, naming, language, territorialization, architecture, mimicry, boundaries, beauty, and material and mental attachments of all sorts are often the source of entrapments and contradictions, which are the starting point for my work. In attempting to find and explore what is between there is always the risk of creating new entrapments. This becomes part of the texture of the work.

Primarily a conceptual and project-based artist, I also explore my interests in smaller pieces and sketches. My work incorporates a wide range of media and influences, allowing hybrid forms to emerge.